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The futureof race organising

Race Mango will help you organise your race as smooth as possible.

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Why Race Mango

One tool that has it all!



Go live, connect with your racers, and simplify your organizational process by publishing and promoting your event on the Race Mango platform.


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Monetize your event with secure online payments, create custom application forms and collect data.



Easily communicate with your teammates and lead all event organization teams to success.


6 simple steps

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    Create your race event

    Race Mango guarantees a simple event creation. Within the platform you can set the rules, categories, prices, maps and payments - all in one place.

About platform

Secure and reliable web platform

  • Homepage

    Run with Race Mango

    Make sure participants can find your event on a responsive platform with great user experience, made by awarded design professionals.

  • Registration

    Customizable forms & fields

    One of the most important things in event management is correct and secure data. That's why your registration forms need to be bullet-proof but also give you the necessary flexibility.

  • Information

    All information your participants want to know

    Race Mango’s platform includes all the needed information about the race – location, date, contacts – all in one place with easy access.

  • Start lists

    Automatically genereted start list and statistic

    With built-in tools, you can easily set rules and publish your event start lists. Search, filters and statistics will help your visitors get more information about each race.

  • Results

    Publish great-looking results with astonishing analytics

    With Race Mango, it’s easy to import results from your timekeeping partner and present them on a whole new level.

  • Gallery

    Secure cloud option for all images and videos

    Share memories with your participants with organized and easy to find photos and videos.


All features you will ever need

Event Management

  • Registration
  • Support for participants
  • Bib management
  • Automatic start list
  • Team management
  • Results
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Multilingual web
  • Currency selection
  • FAQ
  • Setup billing information

Marketing & Promotion

  • Event landing page
  • E-mail automatization
  • Event image and video gallery (5 GB)
  • App for participants
  • Social media integration
  • Promotion through Race Mango calendar

Secure infrastructure

  • 99.99% Server uptime
  • Secure payment


  • Timing in a web application



  • Bib management
  • Automatic start list
  • Export options
  • Import results
Race Mango
0,50 EUR per participant
+ 5% of the entry fee *
*No upfront payment; the commission is deducted from the entry fee upon completion of the race.

Promotion via Race Mango social media

Are you planning a great event? Do you want to expand your reach and further promote it on Race Mango's Facebook and Instagram profiles?
Contact us so we can discuss collaboration details and provide you with all the necessary information.

timing in the Race Mango Web Application

Through the simple use of our application, you can now replace traditional pen, paper, and stopwatch with a modern digital tool for precise timekeeping during your races.
Experience the benefits of digital time measurement in our web app!


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